It’s time for the Bryzzo boys to step up as leaders.

With the MVP so far of the Cubs 2nd half, Willson Contreras, most likely being sent to the DL, it’s time for the guys at Bryzzo Souvenir Co. to step it up. Both Rizzo and Bryant have been in a minor slump throughout the 2nd half, but have both had their bright moments since the beginning of the season. The only reason I mention Willson Contreras in this is because he has the hottest bat right now. With him carrying the team on his back in the 2nd half, we soon get distracted over who’s hot, rather than who’s not. That being said, we have lost our two, true leaders in Bryant and Rizzo.

First of all, we need MVP Kris Bryant back. Obviously, there is a huge difference in his stats last year compared to this year. As of now, he is 49 runs and 19 homers behind both of those marks last year. The biggest difference being his RBI numbers, which were 102 last year and only 48 this year. We need him to get hot. This is a double hangover for KB. World Series, and MVP. Again, he’s slacking. We need him to get hot over this easy schedule we have for the rest of the season.

Without looking at his batting average, Anthony Rizzo is having a better year than Bryant all around. He is 6 homers and 23 RBIs over Bryant’s mark. But, much like Bryant, he is much behind the numbers he had last year. 8 homers (which he may match) and 38 RBIs behind his numbers last year.

That being said, we need both of these guys to get hot. Our leaders. This is the perfect opportunity with the rest of our schedule, almost all being under .500. We need the Bryzzo Souvenir Company back.

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