ACC Football Team-by-Team, Game-by-Game Predictions

College football season is almost back, and the most powerful conference has some big dogs back, but also has a few droppers. Let’s go game by game, winners and losers, for each team in the ACC.

ACC Atlantic

Boston College Eagles

at Northern Illinois: W

Wake Forest: W (20-17)

Notre Dame: L (27-10)

at Clemson: L (42-17)

Central Michigan: W

Virginia Tech: L (35-10)

at Louisville: L (45-14)

at Virginia: L (17-14)

Florida State: L (56-7)

NC State: L (24-17)

(Fenway Park) Connecticut: W (27-3)

at Syracuse: L (28-23)

Final Record: 4-8    ACC Record: 1-7

Clemson Tigers

Kent State: W

Auburn: W

at Louisville: L (35-32)

Boston College: W (42-17)

at Virginia Tech: W (28-24)

Wake Forest: W (42-14)

at Syracuse: W (38-7)

Georgia Tech: W (32-10)

at NC State: W (27-24)

Florida State: W (32-27)

The Citadel: W

South Carolina: W

Final Record: 11-1     ACC Record: 7-1

Florida State Seminoles

Alabama (Atlanta): L


Miami: W (21-17)

NC State: W (35-17)

at Wake Forest: W (24-3)

at Duke: W (30-17)

Louisville: W (27-21)

at Boston College: W (56-7)

Syracuse: W (45-10)

at Clemson: L (32-27)

Delaware State: W

at Florida: W (31-28)

Final Record: 10-2     ACC Record: 7-1

Louisville Cardinals

Purdue (Indianapolis): W

at North Carolina: W (35-20)

Clemson: W (35-32)

Kent State: W

Murray State: W

at NC State: L (34-28)

Boston College: W (45-14)

at Florida State: L (27-21)

at Wake Forest: W (28-6)

Virginia: W (34-17)

Syracuse: W (56-10)

Kentucky: W

Final Record: 10-2     ACC Record: 6-2

NC State Wolfpack

South Carolina (Charlotte): W

Marshall: W

Furman: W

at Florida State: L (35-17)

Syracuse: W (24-10)

Louisville: W (34-28)

at Pitt: L (24-20)

at Notre Dame: W (23-14)

Clemson: L (27-24)

at Boston College: W (24-17)

at Wake Forest: W (27-20)

North Carolina: W (28-27)

Final Record: 9-3     ACC Record: 5-3

Syracuse Orange

Central Connecticut: W

Middle Tennessee: W

Central Michigan: W

at LSU: L

at NC State: L (24-10)

Pitt: W (24-17)

Clemson: L (38-7)

at Miami: L (35-17)

at Florida State: L (45-10)

Wake Forest: W (17-10)

at Louisville: L (56-10)

Boston College: W (28-23)

Final Record: 6-6     ACC Record: 3-5

Wake Forest Demon Deacons

Presbryterian: W

at Boston College: L (20-17)

Utah State: W

at Appalachian State: L

Florida State: L (24-3)

at Clemson: L (42-14)

at Georgia Tech: L (28-13)

Louisville: L (28-6)

at Notre Dame: L (27-10)

at Syracuse: L (17-10)

NC State: L (27-20)

Duke: W (27-21)

Final Record: 3-9     ACC Record: 1-7


ACC Coastal

Duke Blue Devils

NC Central: W

Northwestern: L

Baylor: L

at North Carolina: L (20-7)

Miami: L (31-17)

at Virginia: W (24-20)

Florida State: L (30-17)

Pitt: W (17-14)

at Virginia Tech: L (42-10)

at Army: W

Georgia Tech: L (28-14)

at Wake Forest: L (27-21)

Final Record: 4-8     ACC Record: 2-6

Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets

Tennessee (Atlanta): L

Jacksonville State: W

at UCF: L

Pitt: W (28-24)

North Carolina: W (21-17)

at Miami: L (38-21)

Wake Forest: W (28-13)

at Clemson: L (42-14)

at Virginia: W (17-7)

Virginia Tech: L (42-24)

at Duke: W (27-21)

Georgia: L

Final Record: 6-6     ACC Record: 5-3

Miami Hurricanes

Bethune-Cookman: W

at Arkansas State: W

at Florida State: L (21-17)

Toledo: W

at Duke: W (31-17)

Georgia Tech: W (38-21)

Syracuse: W (35-17)

at North Carolina: W (21-13)

Virginia Tech: L (31-28)

Notre Dame: W (27-10)

Virginia: W (35-24)

at Pitt: W (24-21)

Final Record: 10-2     ACC Record: 6-2

North Carolina Tar Heels

California: W

Louisville: L (35-20)

at Old Dominion: W

Duke: W (20-7)

at Georgia Tech: L (21-17)

Notre Dame: W (27-21)

Virginia: W (24-10)

at Virginia Tech: L (42-24)

Miami: L (21-13)

at Pitt: L (31-27)

Western Carolina: W

at NC State: L (28-27)

Final Record: 6-6     ACC Record: 2-6

Pitt Panthers

Youngstown State: W

at Penn State: L

Oklahoma State: L

at Georgia Tech: L (28-24)

Rice: W

at Syracuse: L (24-17)

NC State: W (24-20)

at Duke: L (17-14)

Virginia: W (24-14)

North Carolina: W (31-27)

at Virginia Tech: L (34-24)

Miami: L (24-21)

Final Record: 5-7     ACC Record: 3-5

Virginia Cavaliers

William & Mary: W

Indiana: L

Connecticut: W

at Boise State: L

Duke: L (24-20)

at North Carolina: L (24-10)

Boston College: W (17-14)

at Pitt: L (24-14)

Georgia Tech: L (17-7)

at Louisville: L (34-17)

at Miami: L (35-24)

Virginia Tech: L (34-14)

Final Record: 3-9     ACC Record: 1-7

Virginia Tech Hokies

West Virginia (Landover): W

Delaware: W

at East Carolina: W

Old Dominion: W

Clemson: L (28-24)

at Boston College: W (35-10)

North Carolina: W (42-24)

Duke: W (42-10)

at Miami: W (31-28)

Pitt: W (34-24)

at Virginia: W (34-14)

Final Record: 11-1     ACC Record: 7-1

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