Relive the Cubs 9th inning magic in the NLDS vs. Giants

October 11th, 2016

San Francisco, California

It’s the Cubs visiting the Giants for Game 4 of the NLDS. The Cubs lead the series 2-1, one win away from advancing to the NLCS. John Lackey was the starter for the Cubs, Matt Moore on the bump for the Giants.

John Lackey was quickly ran out of the game in the 4th, allowing 3 runs off of 7 hits. Including an RBI to pitcher Matt Moore. Down 3-1, Travis Wood comes on as the first Cubs reliever to enter the game. A single and a sac fly later, it is 5-2 Giants.

No score until the top of the 9th inning. The deflated bullpen of the Giants comes on to relieve Matt Moore, who threw 120 pitches. The biggest 9th inning in Cubs history was soon to come.

Relive the action with this video:


The full 9th inning here:


The full game here:


Revisiting San Francisco now sure brings nostalgia to some Cubs players and fans. Who knew this would be the biggest, most important inning in Cubs history? Would they have still won it all if it wasn’t for this inning specifically? Not sure, but very unlikely. Besides Game 7 of course, it was probably my favorite game of the Cubs playoff push.


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