Money talks, but signs show Bryce Harper likes Chicago.

Unless you’re living under a rock, most baseball fans know that Bryce Harper is a free agent after the 2018 season. Talk has already started on who he will go to. Will he stay with the Nationals? Will the Yankees pay him the biggest contract ever? Obviously, money talks, and I’m guessing Harper is the guy who cares about money more than where he plays. But, has he been giving out hints that Chicago is where he wants to go?

Let’s break down what we already know. Bryce Harper, and Cubs star, Kris Bryant, both grew up in the Las Vegas area. They’ve played with, and against each other since they were 13 years old. Now, they still keep in very good touch. Even their wives do as well.

Kris Bryant’s wife (left) posted this on her Instagram story yesterday sitting next to Bryce Harper’s wife (right) during the game. Also with a subtle, #HarperToTheCubs, hashtag. Sure, we’ve known they’ve been friends for a long time but, did you know Bryce Harper’s dog’s name is Wrigley? Makes you think.

This picture Bryce Harper posted in June with Kris Bryant and each of their wives, caused an MLB media uproar.

Hm, #Back2BackOneDay? Either Bryce loves to throw out hints, or he just loves watching the media go insane. Now let’s see something more recent. The Cubs just finished their series with the Nationals today in Chicago. Bryce, again, loves dropping the hints.

#WhatAPlace, like a place you would like to live? And play baseball? And go #Back2BackOneDay? Hm.

I mean, he’s not wrong.

Who does this? He’s obviously saying “see you soon”.

By any means, I’m not saying he’s going to be a Cub. Money wise, it’s hard and he wants a lot of it. But could he possibly look past the money to play for the franchise he’s dropping hints on? I don’t know. Again, money talks. But, you know who also talks? Theo. Theo is the only guy I can trust with this. I literally can’t say, “this is never going to happen,” because Theo is the guy. Bryce Harper and his hints.

#Back2BackOneDay #WhatAPlace #HarperToTheCubs

twitter/ @1N2W_

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