The Most Outrageous Takes for the Rest of the 2017 MLB Season

The 2017 MLB season is two thirds of the way done, so we are going to give you the most outrageous takes for the rest of the season.




Pirates: Make and win the wild card

This may be a long shot, but hey it is the most outrageous takes. Right now the Pirates are 9.5 games out of the second wildcard, but they have the talent to go on a run and grab that wildcard.

Dodgers: Choke and get eliminated in the NLDS

I might take a lot of heat for this one, but it seems like when it matters the Dodgers choke it away. Right now the Dodgers are easily the best team in baseball, but if you get into a short series you never know what may happen.

Cubs: Make it back to the World Series

here we go again, Chicago will make it back into the World Series. The talent that Chicago has right now is incredible, and it seems that lately they have been turning it on a little bit.

Reds: Finish with the worst record in the NL

Remember when the Reds were in first place for the first 30 games of the year? They can still get first when they grab the first place draft pick. The Phillies and Giants will win 7 out of their next 20 games which will allow the Reds to drop to the worst record in baseball and stay there.

Cardinals: Grab the first wildcard

Two NL Central teams in the wildcard will happen once again. The Cardinals have not been playing awful lately, so watch for them to keep that up and snatch the wildcard from the Diamondbacks.



Blue Jays: Make the ALCS

some people may say there is no way, but trust me there is. The Blue jays will grab the FIRST wildcard spot and they will carry the momentum into the ALCS before getting eliminated.

Orioles: Win their division

Heads up, the Orioles are about to get hot and take the AL East away from the Yankees, Red Sox, and Rays. I could see this one happening more than any of the other takes.

Twins: Grab a wildcard spot

The Blue Jays and Orioles will face off in the AL wildcard, but the twins will fall. Right now the Twins are 4.5 GB of the second wildcard.

Indians: Make the World Series

Here it comes, the rematch of last years world series. The Indians and Cubs are both turning it on and both will make the World Series. The Indians have a lot of talent and some good bullpen pieces to make it far in the playoffs.

Astros: Fall in the ALDS

The same thing is happening with the dodgers, both teams will be taken out early in the playoffs.


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