Put a C on his chest, Willson Contreras is playing for his country


Have you noticed the arm sleeve Willson Contreras has been wearing? It’s for his home country.

Willson Contreras had another great game today.  Right now he has 6 RBIs with two homers, but these games mean more to him. A few weeks ago Contreras came out in an interview with Carrie Muskat where he stated, “Today I said I was going to play in honor of my country.” Right now WIllson has both of his parents and his brother, Willmer, still in Venezuela which is struggling under their current government.

Contreras also came out and said, “A lot of people are dying because the government wants to do whatever it wants.” Since Contreras has started to wear the Venezuelan flag on his arm, it seems he has played much much better.

Willson has been playing with the most energy, and he has been one of the main reasons this Cub team is playing so well. Willson would finish his interview with Muskat by saying; “I want to make sure Venezuelans know I’m fighting for them.”

Credit to Carrie Muskat (@CarrieMuskat on Twitter) for getting these quotes.

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