Howie Kendrick is Headed to Washington 

The Philadelphia Phillies have moved one of their top trade pieces in left fielder Howie Kendrick. Kendrick will be headed to the Washington Nationals for one minor league prospect, per Ken Rosenthal. 

The basics: Howie Kendrick has posted a .340 batting average this year in 141 AB. Kendrick has also posted a .851 OPS with 2 homers and 16 RBI’s. Howie is going to be a rental for the Nationals as he’s going to become a FA at the end of this year. 

How Kendrick Can Help: Kendrick can be a huge help in left field and off the bench for the nationals.  Right now the Nationals are not huge off the bench, so Kendrick will be a huge piece. The Nationals are 61-39 this year and they appear to have the NL east locked up, but this acquisition will help them in the playoffs. 

The Return:

For giving away Kendrick, the Phillies will receive one minor league prospect from the Nationals, left handed pitcher McKenzie Mills. In 18 games this year, Mills has posted a 3.01 ERA with a 12-2 record in low A

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