Could The Cubs Be Adding Another Bullpen Arm Not Named Zach Britton?

According to @BNightengale the Cubs Are expressing strong interest in Marlins closer AJ Ramos. 

After the eighth inning implosion against the Cardinals the other day, and the bullpen giving up two runs today it is apparent that the Cubs still need some help. Aj Ramos has not had the best of years as the Marlins closer. Currently he is sitting at a 2-4 record with a 3.86 ERA, he also has a .2 WAR on the year (wins over replacement).

I still believe that Ramos would be nice to have. Over his career he has posted a 2.80 ERA with a 6.6 WAR. If the Cubs do make this trade I could see them moving Ramos into the eighth inning. With Ramos moving to the eighth we could see a pretty good seventh, eight, and ninth inning bullpen with Edwards Jr, Ramos, and Davis. 

If the Cubs end up not getting Ramos I would watch for them to go after Zach Britton who is a really good bullpen arm. Here is Ramo’s current contract.

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