Is Zach Britton Headed to Chicago In the Near Future?


News has just been reported that the Cubs have interest in Zach Britton and he may be coming to Chicago.

Mark Feinsand (@Feinsand on twitter) who is a executive reporter at states that an industry source believes the Cubs will trade for Britton.

Jesse Rogers at stated “Not to get too hyped that this is something that will actually happen, but I do think  – particullary given that the Orioles are probably serious about trading Britton right now if they can get good return – this bears watching.” Rogers basically states that this is something that could happen, but don’t be suprised if it does not.

If this does end up happening what do the Cubs do? Currently they Have Candelario and De La Cruz that could be an interest for the Orioles (IMO).

Britton has a 1.93 ERA on the year out of the bullpen with a WHIP of 1.71.

Stay with us on twitter @1N2W_ as we follow the news.



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