It’s time to get weird, get hyped, and get our morale back for the 2nd half.

Bandwagon fans don’t read this


The 2nd half is starting tonight and the Cubs are 43-45. Forget it. This is the way I’m looking at it:

The season starts tonight, but there are only  74 games. The Cubs have to start off 2 games below .500 because they are the World Series champions. Even better now, there is only 1 team they need to focus on. The Brewers. Which are 5.5 games ahead of the Cubs because of course, they need a head start. 74 games, 5.5 games back, and one championship caliber team. Who’s believing?

Sure, if you don’t look at it my way then look at it this way. The Cubs started to crawl towards the All-Star break last year. Mostly because of injuries. Guess what? Our injuries came early and our slump came early. We just needed to be refreshed. 88 games and a break should be enough time to get rid of a hangover. If you think this is a dumb way to look at it then look at this.

Imagine not thinking that Joe Maddon is one of the best managers in the game. This team is way better than the 2015 Cubs and look what they did. The only thing I still doubt is Joe’s random decisions so far this year. It seems like he was picking the lineup out of a hat sometimes, but sure I’ll trust him.

I’m going off the title. It’s time to get weird again. Bring a whole zoo into the club house. Bring a magician. More random outfit days. Have Joe drive his 1976 Dodge Van before every game. I love when this team is having fun. So let’s get weird. Not too weird though.

Get hyped. We aren’t out of it yet. 5.5 games back is nothing for this team. Everyone is asking when the Cubs will ht their stride and I think they understand that this is their last chance. There’s not too much to say to get everyone pumped. Just be pumped. This team will be electric this half, and for years to come so don’t think it’s over. It’s just getting started. If this article didn’t help you at all, check out this sweet 2nd half hype video by @WindyWrigley

The last thing we need to have a great 2nd half is morale. Believe in the team. A lot of us have given up hope already, and the one’s who haven’t are actually reading this article. Morale is everything. It keeps hope flowing. The DOM, or Stool Fred, has given us the Spanish Cubs, the dickballers, and the slumpbusters. The ultimate believer. Believe in our guys. Now I’m not writing this to say we’re going to repeat this year. This is just to keep morale alive. We are competitors. 5.5 games out and 2 games under .500, but we’re still in it. One game at a time. We aren’t out yet. #WeAreBack #WeAreGood

Oh, it’s #CubsTurnAroundszn

Thanks to @WindyWrigley for letting us use his video!

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