Cubs acquire LHP José Quintana from the White Sox, for OF Eloy Jimenez & RHP Dylan Cease.

How dare the Cubs do this while I’m still asleep? How dare they. It’s happening though, and we need it bad. Quintana has a 4.49 ERA, but surprisingly, is still worse than Jake and Lester. We can make it work though, as we all expect the rotation to be better in the 2nd half. All his stats match around every other Cubs starter in the rotation including, HR(14), ER(52), H(107). He would have the most walks in the club, but the 2nd most strikeouts in 4 less innings. So there’s good news and there’s bad news. The good news is, he’s still young. The bad news, he’s 4-8 on the season and has almost the same stats as all the others in the rotation. His past few games have been WAY better than the first look so let’s hope he keeps it rolling.

If you feel like the Cubs got robbed, like I did at first, then listen here. The Cubs need pitching bad. Young, starters. Which they just got from Q. Eloy is going to be electric on the South Side in a few years, but the Cubs don’t need him stuck behind their overloaded outfield. UNLESS they traded Schwarber or someone else. Something that wouldn’t happen. One thing I’m still thinking about is giving up Dylan Cease. If we need pitching, then why give up our top pitching prospect? It’s kind of like the Bulls giving up their 16th pick for Jimmy Butler when they’re trying to rebuild. I understand that Cease is young and hasn’t proved himself. I also understand that he’s injury prone. I’m just still a little confused but I can deal with it.

Welcome to the good guys Q, the North Side. Welcome to the Spanish Cubs. We Are Back? 

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