What the Cubs should do when Kyle Hendricks returns.

The Cubs are in a very tough spot right now. With the All Star break just a day away, we need everything to go our way during and right after the break. This includes injuries, individual slumping, and just getting our minds right for the 2nd half. The only injury affecting us right now is Kyle Hendricks. Kyle is set to make a rehab outing Monday in Tennessee which is great news. The Cubs need him back ASAP. Maybe he sets up the rest of the rotation straight once he returns? Or do we continue to have a mediocre rotation? Answer that however you would like, but the real question is, what are the Cubs going to do when he returns?

I posted this last night on the 1N2W account with a few possibilities. Only one works for me, but I could accept one more. The one that I’m leaning on, and the one that’s most likely to happen is option 1. Move Montgomery back to the bullpen. The Cubs bullpen is still one of the best in the NL, but has been on the decline since he became a starter. He has to be moved down to the pen when Hendricks returns just to balance everything out. Obviously a 6 man rotation could fire up the other starters and I think Joe knows that. You just can’t do it because this team has already been through a lot this year. Montgomery back to the bullpen could reset everything back to normal.

The only other one I’d accept is option 2, but I’d still be hectic. Butler has been decent and he’s young. Which we need young pitchers. The only reason why I wouldn’t recommend this is because I need Montgomery to be in the bullpen. But, I could still see this rotation coming back with Montgomery staying, Kyle coming back, and Butler being sent down. I don’t have much to say about it. I don’t hate it. I just wouldn’t fully accept it.

So overall, just send Montgomery to the bullpen. Please.


We need this rotation back. We need young pitchers. We need this break.


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