So, who are the ‘Not Cubs”


It all started 4 years ago. Some people were on twitter and they decided to make some parody accounts of players. Some of the first would be @NotArismendyAlcantra, @NotJuniorLake who is now @NotJonLester, @NotARizzo, and @NotChrisCoghlan (Me).

Us ‘Not Cubs” would make it a goal to make people laugh and just have fun with it, but little did we know that these accounts would turn into more then just a few guys with twitter accounts. These accounts would start to explode with followers and there would be more and more ‘not accounts’.

Around 2015 more and more ‘Not Cubs’ would join in until almost every player on the Cubs had their own ‘Not Cub’. Now we are here today with our group of ‘not Cubs” and we love it.

Each parody account has something different about them, and we will start off with @NotARizzo. Rizzo’s account is one of the funniest accounts on twitter in my opinion. He will tweet multiple pictures everyday that will make you laugh histarically, and he has even had some tweets that have blown up.

@NotBenZobrist and @NotKrisBryant have also been around for a long time. Both of these accounts hold over 2,000 followers and they are known for being jokers and often tweeting a lot about the game.

@NotJas0nheyward (Me) I have had my account for a long time as I was originally @NotchrisCoghlan, while being Coghlan I became well known with many of people on twitter as I would live tweet every game.

@NotWillyC is one of the newer ‘Not Cubs’. He lives tweets many games and he is a huge Chicago Cubs fan. He is also well known for his funny tweets and he is the other writer at 1N2W.

@NotCubs, @NotSchwarbs, @DrunkRizzo is also newer to twitter, but he produces some great content. While being @DrunkRizzo he has made plenty of great tweets that have been retweeted by big name people on twitter.


@NotianHapp has been a ‘Not Cub” for a while now and he is known for getting a little mad on twitter, but it is all in the fun of it.

@drunk_theo is the Theo Epstein of the Cubs as he likes to tweet the ‘Not Cubs’ and tell them how they suck.

@NotAddyRussll is one of the most chill  ‘Not Cubs’ as he just likes to sit back and tweet about the Cubs.

The parody accounts will continue to have fun on twitter and try to make people laugh. We hope everyone will check out the twitter pages and maybe even make your own.



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