What It Is Like Being A Cubs Fan


“Sure as God made green apples. someday, the Chicago Cubs are gonna be in a World Series. And it might be sooner than we think.” – Harry Carey

Life as a Cubs fan has been stressful, maddening, funny, and fun. I am going to tell you what life is like being a Cubs fan in less then 400 words.

Growing up the only part of my family that watched baseball were my cousins ( who lived 12 hours away from me) and they were huge Cub fans. I did not like watching MLB baseball when I was younger, but in 2008 ( I was 7) I decide to start watching pro baseball. It started when I was bored during the summer and I could turn on WGN and watch the Cubbies. This was the start of being a Cubs fan.

I can most vividly remember the 2012- 2014 seasons, because this is when I started watching and following every single game. These years were some of the worst for Cub fans all over. In this three year span the Cubs would go 200-286. Most Cub fans started getting used to the Cubs losing, but that did not keep the fans away. Over these three years the Cubs would still have over 2.5 million in attendance each year.

Coming into 2015 we knew that the Cubs would not be awful, and that they were not. Cub fans started seeing hope in their Cubbies as they would go 97-65 and make the playoffs for the first time in 7 years. The Cubs would eventually lose to the Mets, but things were looking up for the Cubs.

2016, the year is finally happened. In 2013 how many fans would believe that the Cubs would go 103-58 and win their first World Series since 1908 three years later? This was the happiest moment for Cub fans EVER as they finally broke through. Right after the Cubs won the World Series everyone started talking about a repeat, well fans are just hoping we make the playoffs now.

This year the Cubs have struggled and almost every Cubs fan has been angrier then usual, and I do not blame them. Everyone was expecting another huge year for the Cubs but they have not been playing well, but I do believe they will make a run in the second half.

This is the roller coaster for Cub fans all over, but we all love watching in the end.


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