Despite injuries and recent struggles, morale is still high for the Cubs. 

Time to stop reading clickbait stories on why the Cubs are bad. Time to stop freaking out about the Cubs clubhouse. Time to stop thinking that Almora actually flipped off Donald Trump. Time to stop believing that Kyle Schwarber sucks and should stay in the minors. EMBRACE THE SUCC. Face the facts, and the actual facts. The Cubs are brutally injured. KB, Zobrist, Heyward, Hendricks. All guys we absolutely need to make a run. Zobrist is hitting in the minors and JHey is healing up. KB is on pause. Hendricks will probably be back after the all-star break. Problem solved. Schwarber is going to be back soon so don’t believe he will hit .170 for the rest of his life. I’m not going to lie, I’ve almost given up on the Cubs this season. Then I remembered…

Listen, I get that we’re an average team, but people forget the Cubs struggled before the All Star break last season. So you know what that means? We are literally going to be on fire coming back from the break. Theo is going to make a fire starter trade. Schwarber is going to come back on fire. This won’t be an average team for long because if it is, something has got to be wrong deep inside the clubhouse. So everyone, embrace the succ. Morale is still high.
Shoutout to Stool Fred. MORALE MORALE MORALE. 
twitter: @1N2W_ & @rycago

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