Cubs/Blackhawks Mailbag #2

The Cubs and Blackhawks are both on the hot seat right now. Reason being the Blackhawks are either looking for a trade or looking to move up in the draft. The Cubs are slowly looking like their old selves but, will they fully break out?

Like I said above, recently the Cubs have slowly been looking like their 2016 form. The comeback win on Friday definitely had signs of last year. I hate coming from behind in games but it does show something special about the team. I think a turn around is just around the corner because it is #CubsTurnAroundSZN

I’m going to go on a quick no for the first question just because we don’t look fully like we did last year. Don’t listen to me though because of course we have the deadline coming up which can completely turn us around. I’m almost certain the Cubs will make the playoffs again just because the Central is a bad, and I mean BAD division. Again, I don’t think we will continue to play this poorly so I’ll hold on the first question and say yes to the second.

Yes. Do I have to go on? He’s 5 for 5 with getting on base as leadoff man. I don’t think he’ll be an everyday thing just because Joe will switch things up but he’ll stay for sure.

I got this question last time but I’ll answer it again. I don’t think any player on the current roster will be traded. Now for the whole organization, some of our prospects have to be traded for top pitching. Candy and Eloy. One of those 2. Or both. Will not be in the Cubs farming system after the deadline.

Blackhawks, on the hot seat. I wish I got more questions. Come through next time guys.

I can relate to this guy. I had to think about this. After failing to meet expectations this playoff season, it seems like most people lost faith in the Hawks. They’re in the hot seat this offseason. They’ll also be in the hot seat to start of next season just because of the last 2 playoffs. 3rd best odds to win the cup for next season so obviously we always have a shot. I think they’ll be fine though.

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