These Have to Be the Nicknames Cub Players are putting on their Jerseys during ‘Players Weekend’


So the MLB is letting the players have some fun on August 25th through 27th, and we are going to show you what each players nickname should be.

Javier Baez– The highlight reel

We all know that Baez makes incredible plays, so why not be “The Highlight Reel”

Anthony Rizzo- The Better Half

So we all know of “Bryzzo”  well I think Rizzo should go with “The Better Half” of Bryzzo

Kris Bryant- The Sexier Half

I think you can figure this one out by yourself.

Ian Happ- Happy days here

Ian Happ is always “happy”, right?

Addison Russell- Pokeman

Remeber the Addison Russell thing with Pokemon cards, well he is the Pokeman

Ben Zobrist- Ben Zo Fly

Ben Zobrist nickname is Ben Zo and he likes to let the ball fly so why not Ben ZO Fly

Albert Almora Jr.- The Robber

This is the perfect name for Almora, because it seems that when a ball comes in his area he will rob someone of their hit

Jason Heyward-   4-3


Jon Jay- 5 AM

sorry Tommy La Stella fans @jesserogers I think 5 AM is better then 3 AM

Kyle Scwarber- Scoreboard

We all know what Kyle can do to the scoreboards

Jake Arrieta- PEDS

Jake Arrieta was accused of taking PEDS a few years ago, so I think this would be great for him to wear

Eddie Butler- Gingerbread Man

Sorry Eddie

Wade Davis– The waiter

“Waiter, Check Please”

Brian Duensing- The Dancer

Duensing has showed off his dancing skills lately in the Cubs bullpen

Carl Edwards Jr.- String Bean Slinger

Edwards is a thin as a String Bean, but he can sling that ball

Justin Grimm- The Grimm Reaper

This has been Justin’s nickname forever, so I expect it to stay the same

John Lackey- People Lover

We all know how nice of a person John Lackey is, so why not name him the people lover

Jon Lester- Pickoff

Jon Lester is one of the best pickoff throwers in the MLB

Mike Montgomery- The closer

Remember when Montgomery pitched the last out of the WS

Felix Pena- Highest ERA

Sorry Pena

Hector Rondon– 2015

This was the last year he helped

Pedro Strop– Cardinal Bait

Have you ever noticed how Strop gets killed by the Cardinals?

Koji Uehara- The surprise

Honestly, who thought he would pitch as well as he is?

Willson Contreras- WillyCon Caso

This nickname was developed by @notwillyc so we are keeping it

Miguel Montero- Play Me More

Do you remember his rant last year…


These are all jokes, don’t take them seriously 


twitter- 1N2W_ &Jteeter67

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