Who Will the Cubs Draft In the First Round?


Tomorrow the Chicago Cubs and many other teams will start the 2017 drafting process, but who will the Cubs pick?

The Cubs are set to make two picks in the first round ( number 27 and 30) and everyone knows that they will be going after pitching, but who will these pitchers be?

Seth Romero

Romero is a LHP who played for the Houston Cougars before getting kicked off the team for fighting with a teammate last month. Romero is 6’4″ weighing 240 lbs and he has a fastball that sits around 94 MPH with a nasty slider. While at Houston, Romero posted a 2.43 ERA in 226 innings and also added 290 strikeouts. I believe that Romero has a chance of getting picked up by the Nationals at number 25, but if he does fall a little bit I believe the Cubs will draft him.

Nate Pearson

Pearson is a 6’6″ 245 lb RHP from Central Florida (JUCO), and I believe that this will be one of the Cubs main targets. With Central Florida, Pearson posted a 1.56 ERA in 81 innings pitched with 118 strikeouts. Pearson has a fastball that has caught the eyes of many teams with a 93-96 MPH fastball, but he has reached as high as 101 MPH. He also has a nice curve ball, slider, and change-up.

Tristen Lutz

Lutz is an OF from Martin HS in Texas,  and he is 6’3″ 210 lbs. Lutz brings some pretty good power to the table and he also has a pretty good arm. Right now Lutz is committed to the University of Texas, so he does have the choice to go pro or go to college. He probably will decide to take the pro route, though.


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