Cubs’ Mailbag #1


We’re a little late with our first mailbag, but we basically start 0-0 with 102 games left since the Cubs are 30-30. Better late than never so let’s get started.



Kyle has been a little under average from what he was last season. It’s hard to explain how he went from being a Cy Young finalist to a very average MLB pitcher. Kyle leads the team with a 4.09 ERA, 1.20 WHIP, and a .233 BAA. If you see these kind of stats with any starting rotation you would guess a 4th to maybe 5th starter. With Kyle being placed on the 10-day DL, we could make the excuse that his hand has affected his pitching so far this season. Simple answer: he is very average but I don’t think he’ll get worse from this point on.


In my eyes, the two biggest prospects likely to be moved would be Jeimer Candelario and Eloy Jimenez. Last year, the Cubs traded prospect, Dan Vogelbach (1B), to the Mariners for Mike Montgomery. Trying to strengthen the bullpen was one reason, but Vogelbach would’ve been stuck behind Rizzo for god knows how long. I assume the same thing will happen with Candy. He’ll produce in the minors, but will just be stuck behind KB. Eloy getting moved is a bit of a stretch, but again, I wouldn’t be surprised. This team is stacked with talent in the outfield so I just don’t see a spot for him until later on. Next question will be answered below.


Anybody in the world should know that the Cubs need young starting pitchers. Nothing else. The real question is, who? I’ve heard rumors that the Cubs are targeting guys like Sonny Gray, Ervin Santana, Jeremy Hellickson, and maybe Chris Archer. I don’t know if these rumors are true but we’ve heard Sonny Gray’s name mentioned with the Cubs since last year. I’d be fine with any of these guys because I trust Theo. Young, starting pitchers only.


Good question. On the outside, this team isn’t much more different than it was last year. But on the inside, it just doesn’t seem like they care. Their start so far is very confusing, but we know they have it in them. I trust Theo to make the right moves towards the deadline, and this team won’t slack for much longer. If they do, then it might be the biggest hangover ever.

Thank you to whoever asked questions, and I hope we get more next time.

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