Addison Russell Returns to Wrigley Field


Chicago Cubs shortstop Addison Russell returns to Wrigley Field after his day off yesterday.

Wednesday evening Addison Russell’s wife took to Instagram stating that she was cheated on. This news prompted Cub fans to go crazy, but what happened next made them go even crazier. Melisa Russell’s (wife) friend decided to put her comments on Instagram saying that Addison abused Melisa mentally and physically.


After the game Wednesday Addison fled the locker room beating out the reporters, but they would catch up to him on Thursday. Russell stated that “Any allegation I have abused my wife is false and hurtful. For the well being of my family I’ll have no further comment.” The Cubs would proceed to give Russell the day off to clear his thoughts.


Russell returned to the Cubs today and he commented to the media saying that the day off really helped him, and he is “eager to play baseball again.” Russell is available off the bench today against the Rockies.


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