Did Anthony Rizzo Lift A Curse Off the Cubs?

Anthony Rizzo and Emily Vakos pose after getting engaged

How it Started


In late 2015 Chicago Cubs third baseman Kris Bryant got engaged to his now wife Jessica Delp. From the time they got engaged to the time they got married (this off season) the Cubs would go 103-58 in the regular season with their first World Series ring since 1908.


The Curse


The Cubs would come into the 2017 season looking to take another World series ring, but that did not look that promising through the first two months. The Cubs would put  together a 25-27 record through their first 52 games, and they were swept by the Dodgers and Padres. Many fans were wondering what was wrong with the Cubs, but could it have been the curse of Kris Bryant getting married?


Rizzo Snaps the Curse


Chicago Cubs star first baseman Anthony Rizzo got engaged to his girlfriend Emily Vakos 6 days ago, and since he has gotten engaged the Cubs are 5-0, and are tied for first place in the NL Central.  Did Rizzo break a curse that Kris Bryant put on this Chicago Cubs team?


Next Up


I’m assuming that Rizzo will get married in the off season, so that means we need some key players to step up and get engaged afterwards *cough* Jason Heyward *cough*.





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