Somebody Teach These Players How to Fight


Yesterday’s fight between the Nationals and Giants is one of the best baseball fights in the past few years, but it was also one of the most dysfunctional fights.

The Helmet Throw

After the Nationals slugger Bryce Harper got hit by a fastball in the hip he charged the mound. When charging the mound he took off his helmet and ATTEMPTED to throw it at Giants pitcher Hunter Strickland. When Harper reared back to throw that helmet myself and many other expected it to hit Strickland…… that is not at all what happened. Harper delivered a 80 MPH fastball right at the head of the Giants mascot that was sitting down the first baseline. No, it was not actually that bad but it was pretty horrendous, his helmet did not come even close to hitting Strickland.

The Collision

During the fight between Harper and Strickland many others would come and try to break it up, like Jeff Samardzija and Michael Morse. Samardzija and Morse are both sprinting to break up the fight, and I think they may have broken each other. While they were sprinting they did not pay attention to anything but the fight and they collided right into each other.

The Catcher Needs to Help the Pitcher, Right?

With the huge pileup on the mound Giants catcher Buster Posey just seemed to be enjoying the fight. Posey would stand a few feet back and just watch the fight, which prompted some pretty good responses.

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