The Cubs Dance Past the Brewers

Chicago Cub reliever Carl Edwards Jr. starts dance off in the Cubs Bullpen

Former Chicago Cub Catcher/Pitcher David Ross has been noticed for his moves on Dancing With the Stars lately, and I believe the Cubs Bullpen is a little bit jealous.

It all started off on Saturday during a “rain delay” when Cubs reliever Carl Edwards Jr. started doing the worm, and this was followed by a interesting Dance off between the Cubs and the Brewers. Later on Edwards stated that it was “Just to pass time.”

This would not be the end of the dancing, after a Kris Bryant home run in the 5th inning yesterday the Cubs bullpen would break out into a “dance” (if that’s what you want to call it). Can the dancing be the Cubs new “Lucky Charm” or is this just another fun thing that the Cubs are doing. I fully expect to see Edwards Jr. and the Cubs bullpen break out into another dance tomorrow on ESPN.


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