It’s time to jinx the Cubs’ starting pitching.

This GIF is so relevant considering the Cubs season so far. Something has to change dramatically for the Cubs to be the team they were last season. That “something” is obvious, and it’s their starting pitching. In March, my first story was saying which guys would hit over 20 homers this season. I have a feeling that I jinxed them just a tad. Kris Bryant started off the season 0 for 14. Schwarber has a .193 average. Rizzo is 1 for 15 in his last 3 games. 3 OF MY GUYS. KBreezy is on fire now, but it’s time for Rizzbo or Schwarizz to go off. Now, it’s time to jinx our pitchers. The Cubs entire pitching staff has an ERA of 4.05 which is 15th in the league. Last year, they were 1st. So far they have given up 39 home runs. TIED WITH THE REDS. THE DICKBALLERS, in the words of Stool Fred. The Cubs first inning ERA is 11.40. That stops now. I’m tired of 1st inning runs. I’m tired of being out of the game in the first. And, I’m tired of Brett Anderson. I like to think of Brett Anderson as a contagious disease who passed it on to Kyle, Jake, Lester, and Lackey. He is like the Brian Matusz who started more than 1 game. So hopefully when he is on the DL after his “injury,” the boys get cured, and we start winning games. I’m reversing the jinx into a positive. I jinxed Rizzo. I jinxed Schwarber. I jinxed the starting pitching. Don’t listen to ESPN give you useless stats and say we aren’t the team we were last season. THE JINX IS ON. THE BRETT ANDERSON FLU IS GONE. LET’S PITCH.

I hope this is the last time I will have to worry about our pitching.

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