Bulls turn to who we expected them to be in series vs. Celtics.

This is the most Bulls thing ever, especially coming from this series. Fans at the UC chanting “Fire Hoiberg” is really just the cherry on top to this Bulls season. I don’t blame them at all because I would definitely be that Jay-Z dancing gif if I was there. Bulls fans never get what they want so I would expect Hoiberg to be there for the rest of his life. We will never get a front office change either. So that answers that. As for the series, if you expected the Bulls to win after being up 2-0 then I’m so sorry. YOU TOOK THE BAIT. That’s what was so funny about the whole series because you knew there was no chance. I’m not going to lie because I took the bait as well. Soon enough the one who was on the other end of the line was Rajon Rondo. From that point on the city of Chicago was thrown down in shambles. There is no way Boston wins the series if Rondo doesn’t get injured. The Bulls were way too hot. I’m a huge excuse guy so I have my reasons.

  1.  Rajon Rondo Injury: I literally just said it. The Bulls win the series if Rondo stays healthy. It was also so weird because the guy we all hated at the beginning of the season was the guy we needed all along.
  2. Hoiberg: I agree with the UC 100%. FIRE HOIBERG, but after next season. I really want to keep quiet and see how he handles his 3rd year. He was given a dead, old, musty team that still managed to make the playoffs. *Stephan A. Smith voice* “HOWEVER,” his rotations and decisions were terrible. Trying to play MCW and Grant after they showed they couldn’t recreate Rondo together just showed how young of a coach he is. Otherwise, our new assistant coach, Rajon Rondo, did an amazing job.
  3. Refs: I hate to say it, but I have to use the golden excuse. The refs were awful in almost every game this series. But, on both sides. I guess half of the league’s refs don’t have a pair of eyes to see Isaiah Thomas does not get fouled at all. ESPECIALLY ON THE CATCH PASS 3. The worst. Hate them. Ruin the sport. GET ROBOTS!

I’m not even mad that the Bulls lost because I expected it to be worse. Just the way they pulled us all in, then chewed, then spit us out. It was almost like every other playoff run but it was all combined into the first round. I also have no idea what to expect from the offseason. GarPax will most likely pick up a couple of old guys and think about trading Jimmy.



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