No, the Bullpen is Not the Problem

Cubs pitcher, John Lackey, argues a call from the home plate umpire after a home run


So, apparently Cub fans believe that the Cubs’ bullpen is the reason for the Cubs recent struggles, well…. let’s look at the numbers.

It’s not the bullpen

The Chicago Cubs bullpen is 11th in the league in ERA at 3.38, and they are holding opposing teams to a .199 batting average. Five of their relievers have under a 2.4 ERA ( I know, that is just unacceptable) with just three others not getting off to a good start. One of the Cubs’ relief pitchers, Brian Duensing, is part of the reason that their ERA is where it is since he has a 10.13 ERA for the year. I believe it is fair to say that he will be back in the corn fields of Iowa in a few weeks. Strop and Grimm are not off to a good start, but I believe they will be fine as the season goes on. Wade Davis and Carl Edwards have been nails out of the pen so far this year with neither of them allowing a run in 8+ appearances.

The Cubs have been rallying in the late innings the past few games, and the only reason they have been able to come back is because of their bullpen.  Please tell me again why they are so bad?

What is concerning

The one thing that should be concerning for Cub fans is their starters, yeah the one that consists of Jake Arrieta, Kyle Hendricks, and Jon Lester.  Only one starting pitcher for the Cubs is under a 3.00 ERA and that is Lester. Lester has been one of the only Cub pitchers to pitch well this year. Arrieta has a 3.65 ERA on the year, but he is 3-0. Now here is the real issue; John Lackey, Brett Anderson, and Kyle Hendricks have not pitched well at all this year. These three pitchers have combined for a 5.16 ERA on the year, which is not good at all. The Cubs are currently placed at 18th in the MLB in starting pitching.

The offense is getting hot (lately)

The Chicago Cubs offense has been there to back up the starting pitching as they are ranked 8th in the MLB in offensive production. The bad thing is that the offense has been waiting until later in the game to score their runs but they have been producing a lot more as of late.

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