From the rinks to the links, the Blackhawks are dead.

I’m very sorry for this title but I think it’s a good one. I know, I know. I said Hawks in 6 and I was wrong. Everyone was wrong. Who would have thought the Predators would first beat, but SWEEP the Hawks? Unbelievable. Unacceptable. I give huge credit to Nashville, of course. I hate their fans, but they were obviously the team who wanted it more. They were faster, more aggressive, and played an outstanding trap defense. Again, I am NOT letting their fans off the hook.

First take, I thought this was Nashville fans just blasting it in our faces, but no. Wild fans. Yes, the team who is down 3-1 in their own series vs. the Blues. Disgusting. What’s even worse is that they are listening to Broccoli in the background. I’m not a huge music guy, but I am pretty sure that is not an overplayed frat song whatsoever.

What’s next?

The offseason. We all need a few months off for a recovery. The Hawks had an unbelievable season and exceeded all expectations. Sleep on that.




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